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Hand in hand——走进爱伦宝,悦享博慧课堂的初体验

Hand in Hand,

Let’s Embrace Lunable Baby Kindergarten Classes





“I firmly believe,

there would be sound when flowers bloom.

They sing together.They play songs.

They would even jubilate and shout.”


Before the bud comes into full bloom, each piece of petal is full of longing joy, just like the germination of joy from the heart of every child who’s ready to enter the school.


“Mommy, daddy, what does Lunable Baby Kindergarten look like? Are there many teachers and children there?”


“Lunable Baby Kindergarten is very very big, and it’s very very beautiful, there are a lot of lovely teachers and babies … …”


Want to find out more? Today, the first parent-child experience activity in Lunable Baby Kindergarten will satisfy your curiosity!

Inspiring Reading Center

Relaxing Art Center

Caring Home Living

Joyful Block Center


The fresh air of the forest has been invited by us! -- all the facilities of the activity room are made of furniture called Huasenwei,which is a leading brand of preschool education product.


American style teaching carpet and woody bookshelf with books of fairytales, those are all arranged according to the international education concept, and they are all based on intimate design to make sure the children to study happily in the best quality, and the most relaxing environment. Enjoy here, grow up here!


Look! Teacher Sheldon is telling us interesting stories from picture books!


With the help of teacher, we build a bridge using magnetic sheets together!


We can even play kenike sand like this!

Parent-child picture book reading


Wow! It’s time to take teacher Sheldon’s class!

随着《salade de fruits》音乐,我们走进动物王国!

With the music “Salade de fruits”, we walk into the kingdom of animals together!


“It looks so funny when Mr. Sheldon dressed up as an elephant! I can also do it!”


“See! Mr. Sheldon! I can do the same as the giraffe does!


kids acted so great with the guide from both teachers and parents!



Quietly, we entered the kingdom of creative art.


“Mommy, see the big shark I just drew!” “Miss YOYO, I think some calves are blue!”


Along with the soothing background music, my parents and teachers took me to paint a colorful world!


I can do it, we can do it!

See! Our masterpieces are done! I can do it, we can do it!

Popping style

咦?YoYo老师在播放好听的音乐!让我们一起《Baby shark》!

Eh? Miss YoYo is playing pleasant songs! Let’s dance with “Baby shark”!


The children are jumping happily with full of interest!


“I love Sheldon!”


“I love YOYO! She’s so beautiful!”


At the end of the parent-child experience activity, Lily, the principal of Lunable Baby Kindergarten, was patiently answering questions for the parents. Under the guidance of her, the parents gradually cleared up their doubts, stretched their brows, and smiled with satisfaction.


Through the parent-child experience day activity today, parents nodded frequently for the design of characteristic courses and teachers' hard working, also, enthusiastic parents gave us many precious suggestions. We record earnestly in order to keep improving in the following work, all of us are waiting for the opening of our kindergarten in September with full of dedication!


“Mommy, I want to join this again next time!”


“This is my happiest day!” The children expressed his feelings with a bright smile.


Adhering to the concept of "Students are babies, teachers are wealth, and parents are friends", Mr. Cao Lunhua, founder and general principal of Lunhua education, has visited many countries around the world for early childhood education and selected Twinklekidz, a leading brand of preschool education in Singapore. Children enjoy learning in a pure English teaching environment.



Multidimensional Curriculum System


We sincerely hope, and we are keeping working to cultivate our children into a future oriented, conversational and leading Lunable baby!


Enrollment Plan 2019




大班1个 (5-6岁)


N (1)(2-3years old)

K1(3)(3-4years old)

K2(1)(4-5years old)

k3(1)(5-6years old)

报名流程Registration process:

1. 咨询招生顾问Admission Inquiry

2. 网上填写登记表或现场报名 Online or Onsite Registration

3. 缴纳报名费 Application Fee

4. 参加综合面试 Entrance Interview

5. 通知录取 Admission

6. 参加体检 Physical Checkup

7. 按照规定时间入园 Kindergarten Entrance

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